From Kaapelitehdas to Mestaritalo

Our first workshop was located in the Cable Factory, Ruoholahti, Helsinki. The construction of the building was finished in 1954 and upon completion it was the largest building in Finland until the 70’s. Originally the Finnish Cable Factory was built to manufacture power and telephone lines and it was even the home for Finland’s first mainframe computers.

When production ceased, the owner of the factory Nokia Oy made an agreement with the City of Helsinki in 1987 to shorten the lease period of the land. After that artists were let to turn the robust and spacious industrial premises into their own working spaces.

↑ The Very first workshop in Kaapelitehdas

For almost 20 years, our watches have been made in Kaapelitehdas but in the late 2021 we moved our workshop into Mestaritalo (‘Master’s house’ in English).

↓ MestaritaloWorkshop at Mestaritalo, Helsinki, 2022.

Mestaritalo is yet another factory building in Punavuori, near Helsinki’s shipyards and next to Merikortteli, which was the place for the original Helsinki Cable Factory before relocating to its current location in Ruoholahti.

The building was Fazer’s former candy factory. The first part of the industrial building was completed in 1898. It was a lot smaller than now, only 4 floors high when today’s top floor is 8th. The Telakkakatu side is where our workshop is located.


The building’s history is more than a century old and it can be felt inside the old walls. After Fazer moved away in 1950’s, Mestaritalo housed mainly small companies in the metal industry. Many of them have moved away, but it is our great pleasure to bring back the steel craft!