S.U.F Flying Finn

High Speed Sports watch

Inspired By The Finnish Sports Heroes


“The Flying Finn“ is a nickname given to several Finnish athletes. They all had high speed in common, but not all of them were involved into motorsport.

for the brave ones with “sisu”

The Fying Finn models pay tribute for all of our sports heroes

Paroni was the the first Flying Finn watch created.

It was purely made to honour Jarno Saarinen. The Fying Finn models pay tribute not only for our motorsport heros, but also for sports heroes and the brave ones who has “sisu”.

The case design was heavily inspired by motorsport.

The 44mm case size is a statement and gives more freedom to design. It is the thinnest of S.U.F cases ever created to wear flat and comfy. The elements are very close to Sarpaneva Korona case (2008-2010) but it has more status on the bezel. An open dial design and large handset makes this sporty watch a real statement.