Imatranajo`s 60th anniversary occasion.

" The Imatra road races - also known as Imatranajo - carries a long and prestigious heritage. The first ever international TT race was organized already in 1962. After a fairly complicated turn of events, in 1964 The Motorclub Imatra (est. 1937) got the permission to organize the World Championship race in Imatra. This marked the first ever Imatra World Championship race, and so Imatranajo was born..."

Imatranajo reached an iconic status with its fantastic and warm spirit. It brings the greatest riders to battle on the circuit year after year. Today, Imatra nurtures and preserves those traditions, re-creating the unique atmosphere and spirit it has always been known for! Welcome on board!

Jump into the feeling of the fantastic motorsport race we were taking part in 2022.

First time to collaborate in this hughly popular event. We had to make a watch to celebrate this. 

paroni imatranjo


Inspired by Finland’s motorcyling legend, Jarno Saarinen, S.U.F created this watch to honour the memory of the skilled daredevil – a childhood hero of the brand’s founding watchmaker, Stepan Sarpaneva. 


caseback picture of the imatranajo Paroni

The video 

The Legend, Giacomo Agostini 

Giacomo Agostini at Imatranajo 2022 event

There was lots to celebrate. Imatranajo did turn 60 years and it was round 50 years when Jarno won the motorcycling championship 🥇

ready to race

Thank you all who came along to this fantastic event. Thank you organizers and everyone involved. Such a cool and relaxed one, really looking forward to the 2023 edition!

action at the Imatranajo

Special and massive thanks for IPR MOTO & Yamaha that we were able to join forces! You will find us at the paddocks in 2023 as well!

Ville Valtonen

Then we would like to say huge congrats to all the pilots. Brave men & women who made this a fantastic and exciting race. #60 Erno Kostamo was flying and well deserved the win!

Podium at Imatranajo 2022

But there was a special watch up for grabs too!Fastest Lap special S.U.F Helsinki Paroni went #18 Lukas Maurer. In the last lap he went all in and made a new track record 01:50:979 

Lukas Mauer

What an weekend, kiitos 

Come and see us 1st and 2nd of July. We are the Official Timekeeper at Imatranajo and you can find us at the Paddocks together with IPR Moto Team!