The Meister

An executive class sports watch.

It was one of those eiskalte Wintertage at the SarpanevaUhrenFabrik. Meister Sarpaneva stood beside his Fenster und gazed at the frost-covered Helsinki. It was Zeit to invent something neu. Something dynamik. Something überschick.

Plötzlich, a firm Klopfen on the door. Meister Palander burst into the room und shook the snow off his Schultern. Meister told about his dream. A dream of a timepiece that was something never seen before. Something dynamik. Something überschick.

Wenn zwei junge wilde Meister join forces, something einzigartig is born. Something like this masterpiece. 

↑ Original text from 2007 Meister brochure 

› Production started 2007
› Stainless Steel 316L Case 44mm
› Soprod A10 movement
› Production 50pcs
› Open work dial