Mika Kallio - The Flying Finn

Mika Kallio is a Finnish MotoGP driver. In 2009 Stepan met Mika and noticed that he was wearing an early Paroni that was awarded for him.

Stepan, as a fine gentleman he is, invited him to the workshop so he could make a special watch for him. In 2010 the custom unique piece with 36 race number in the dial was ready.

↓ Prototype pic from Stepan`s watchmaking bench


Still today, it is great to see Mika giving his absolute best to tune and develop the MotoGP bikes. A true Flying Finn with big heart and always a number one for us.


› Unique piece
› Two tone case with PVD and matted bezel
› Made in 2010
› Production 1pcs
› Open work custom dial