Pilot watches - Simple instrument-like dials and a classic design

Pilot watches

Simple instrument-like dials and a classic design

Pilot Watches - Mechanical Automatic - S.U.F Helsinki:

Ässä - The 1st Pilot Watch by S.U.F Helsinki

The classic pilot watch Ässä honors the Flying Aces in the Sky.

The first mechanical watch built in Helsinki by Stepan Sarpaneva under S.U.F Helsinki brand. Made to honor flying aces, but also to remind us that everyone is in a need of a beautiful and robust timepiece.

Ässä embodies S.U.F ́s essence of simplicity: built with high quality components, made in traditional ways and to last longer than a lifetime. A compact 38,5mm stainless steel case, simple instrument-like dial and a classic design, since a pilot needs nothing more than correct, reliable time. The hand-painted dial comes with a matt colored finish, just like in the old days.

› Production year 2003
› Stainless Steel 316L Case 38,5mm
› ETA 2824 movement
› Production 110 pcs
› Hand engraved logo and numbering

You can see more details about Ässä in our blog

Ässä - The first pilot watch by S.U.F Helsinki

Myrsky - The 2nd Pilot Watch by S.U.F Helsinki

S.U.F's pilot watch Myrsky pays tribute to the Finnish heroic warplane of the same name, inspired by vintage cockpit instrumentation. It salutes the tireless designers, engineers and brave fighter aces of Finland who gave their dearest in the effort to protect their homes.

› Production started in 2013
› Outokumpu Supra 316L/4435 Case 42mm
› Soprod A10 movement
› Open series (MY), others limited
› Date and no date versions + lefty no date

    Some of the editions are still in production and the rest you can find from out gone but not forgotten section.


    On the cusp of the Winter War in 1939, with Soviet troops poised to invade, the Finnish Democratic Republic had to prepare, and fast. But it was quickly apparent that acquiring aircraft from abroad would be impossible, as everyone was making preparations for their own war. Marshal Mannerheim had no choice but to kick-start an immediate design process for a home-spun fighter plane. Finland’s State Aircraft Factory took the challenge head-on, but they were soon plagued by misfortune with lack of funds, not to mention a lack of aluminium, which meant they had to make it with a plywood and fabric construct.

    Needless to say, the glue didn’t hold up well due to the notorious conditions of Finnish weather.

    Nevertheless, the VL Myrsky was capable of reaching heroic speeds, over 530 km/h, making it the fastest plane at the time. Its aerodynamics were superb, and its few lucky pilots rated it as a momentous effort of a poor, war-crippled nation to fight an enemy far more powerful.

     S.U.F Myrsky, a true pilot watch with an unreflective dial features distinct and easy-to-read minutes.

    Driven by Switzerland’s ultra-reliable Soprod A10 mechanical movement, visible through a sapphire caseback.