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Skeleton Watches - Flying Finn VB77

Flying Finn VB77

Red, Black, Blue & White

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Skeleton was a special project with inspiration from Stepan’s artistic design and watchmaking.

Openwork dial, skeletonized movement. One of the most demanding handmade pieces in S.U.F’s history, made in Finland.

› Production started 2009
› Stainless Steel 316L Case 36mm
› Skeletonized 2824 ETA movement
› Production 12pcs
› Skeleton dial 


S.U.F Paroni was the first Flying Finn watch, created in honor of Jarno “Paroni” Saarinen. “The Flying Finn” is a nickname given to several Finnish athletes, who are known for high speed, although not exclusively in motorsports, but also for sports heroes who embody the concept of “sisu”, which for the Finns means strength, perseverance, determination, tenacity and grit in the face of overwhelming opposition.

The Flying Finn’s design was heavily influenced by motorsports. The 44mm case size presents a bold statement and allows more freedom and room for the design, as the series has the thinnest S.U.F cases to date, specifically intended for slick and flat appearance that is comfortable to wear. The case’s elements are very similar to Sarpaneva K1, but it has more focus on the bezel instead. Perhaps the most intricate and difficult part of the model creation was the Finland-milled chain sprocket that was done with traditional tools, which alongside the new open dial design and large handset made this sporty watch a real statement.

The Flying Finn was first released in various small batches, including a few entirely unique pieces.

› Production started 2009
› Stainless Steel 316L Case 44mm
› Soprod A10 movement
› Production less than 60 pcs
› Open work dial
› Variations: Black & Red (2009), Black & White (2009), Red & White (2009), Black & Brown (2009), Blue & White (2009).

The second coming for the Flying Finn happened in 2022 with 2 variations: VB77 and FF-S.

Heikki Sorsa’s Flying Finn

› A unique piece produced in 2010.

Heikki Sorsa is a Finnish snowboarder and a real daredevil in his line of work. Many remember him from Salt Lake City’s 2002 Winter Olympics, where he performed an amazing run while rocking a pure punk rock haircut. His style and massive jumps were always in the center of attention. Always calculated and brave, in other words: pure definition of “sisu”! Heikki held the world record for the highest air in quarter-pipe for 7 years straight with an astounding 9,3 meters. For us, Heikki is a super-talented Finnish idol on snow, and therefore we crafted him a special Flying Finn watch with custom engraving in the caseback.

Mika Kallio’s Flying Finn

› A unique piece produced in 2010.

Mika Kallio is a Finnish MotoGP driver. Stepan met Mika in 2009 and noticed that he was wearing an early Paroni that was awarded to him. Stepan, being the fine gentleman he is, invited Mika to his workshop so he could design a special watch just for him. In 2010, the custom-made, unique dial with racer number 36 was finished. Still today, it’s great to see Mika giving his absolute best to tune and develop the MotoGP bikes. A true Flying Finn with a huge heart and always the number one for us.