Field watches - Simple military style watches made to last

Field watches

Simple military style watches made to last

Komentaja - The 1st Field Watch by S.U.F

Our first field watch "Komentaja" (Commander in english) was launched in 2005. The production included multiple dial colors and about 350 pieces were made in total. Productions started with the ETA 2824 movement and continued with the Soprod A10 in 2008.

You can see more details about Komentaja in our blog

Field watches - komentaja 1st field watch

180 - The 2nd Field Watch

Just around 15 years later the 2nd field watch "180" saw the daylight. Launched with 4 different dial colors:

  • 180A - Glossy black "Salmiakki"
  • 180C - Glossy red "Karpalo"
  • 180F - Frosted white "Kuura"
  • 180S - Sunray blue "Taivas"

All of the first series were with a date window, limited to 50 pieces each and are now gone but not forgotten.

After the first 4 we have continued producing new series and they also include some no-date versions like M180 and 180T. All the series are limited so once they are sold out - they are sold out for good. 180 series are limited to 50 pieces each except 180L which was launched at the 51th birthday of Stepan.


S.U.F Helsinki Field Watches from the webstore:

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Noki Nero

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Field watches - 180A


Black Salmiakki

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Red Karpalo

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Blue Taivas

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